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So we start from a typical sitcom scene, created from various clichés of the genre. The characters interact, cross paths, exchange objects and phrases in the midst of a tragicomic disaster, where the main conflict is exposed, as well as a series of small secondary dramas.

"Under Construction 2" is the process through which a realistic theatrical situation becomes pure choreography; in pure music; visual music that inhabits a physical space: musical image.

The procedure of constructing, rebuilding, de-constructing, and intervening in the scene over and over again is the piece itself, with which the barriers between process and spectacle are diluted.

The actors are totally dependent on each other, and listening to this network of dependency and collaboration is the key to the success of the mechanism.

The important thing is that the trip takes place. Travel implies travel, that is, space that is measured in time, but in this case, travel also implies discovery, not so much through ideas, but rather through experience. It does not matter that the idea is simple if the experience of that idea makes us touch some unknown emotion.

Amalia Fernández has created the piece "Under Construction 2" in a residency process at El Graner with 12 artists gathered for the occasion.

Direction: Amalia Fernández

Performers: Pepon Prades, Oriol Guillem, Joana Sureda, Rosa Vicente, Irene García, Albert Bassas, Javier Cárcel Hidalgo-Saavedra, Carmen Gómez, Júlia Bertran, Magdalena Brezzo, Pere Jou Santacreu, Erika Jiménez y Javier Guerrero.

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