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Workshop on acting and dramaturgical/composition techniques 

Where is the source of your creativity now? 


The participants will have the chance to develop their own performative material around the topic(s) that move them, around dreams, images, dramatic texts, poetry, songs and sound, stories, myths, people they once met, movement, memories, and everything that awakens their spark of life and their need to research and to swim in unknown waters of living action. 

All efforts will be focused on unearthing, articulating, and developing the innate creative potentialities of each participant in a committed, lively and joyful way departing from the material presented on the first day and/or towards new directions. 

Together, we will have the chance to explore and discover different ways to approach composition, and dramaturgy, keeping ourselves awake, always questioning: “But…how is it? what is it? why is it?” 

In addition, various training structures and other specific voice and physical exercises will be proposed through which we will awaken the body, mind, and creativity and gently work on its limits, to widen them and to generate further scenic material. 

Some elements of work will be:

- Body available, permeable, strengthened, and malleable.
- Impulse - action - reaction.
- The verbal action, the intention. Drive. Élan.
- The world of associations.
- Composition études: individual, duo, and collective. 
Dialogue between structure and spontaneity.
- Introduction to dramaturgy.
- Precision in the details.
- Organic movement. Body coordination, articulation, and dissociation.
- Movement qualities.
- Contact.
- Space articulation.
- Rhythm and musicality.
- Uninterrupted attention and transformation of perception.

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