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I slipped! Nothing happened. At some point, I lost balance! I looked around and there was nothing. I thought I could find a chair to rest in, but there was nothing. You reached for me and I could breathe again, but still, something was missing. Can I get what I want? Can I be with you, immobile, as before? What is the true fall? Who is who? What is my role?

You see me, watch every move I do, and what do I do? I start to lose balance on the outside and find it again at the very moment you lose your balance from the inside.

"TU VAS TOMBER!" is a work on balance; on the tensions created between us. It is about hope; the hope that the other one will pick me, and support me. The other, standing on this line between fiction and reality, theatre and the real world, these lines blur until they disappear


Cia. Moveo

Directed by Stéphane Lévy

Actors: Jordi Font, Xavi Palomino, Marta Hervás and Adrià Viñas, Javier Cárcel, Nuria Planes.

With the support of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona
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