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"PERSONNE" is a delicate performance that does not want to tell the same story that Beckett describes in his novels, but that takes his words, integrates them into the body, and transforms them into dance, movement, and physical theater.

Actors create various habitats with their bodies. The characters that appear, move on the boundary between normalcy and rarity, without wanting to be explicit, simply existing with their bodies in constant transformation. All the characters are different and at the same time, they are the same. They live on the streets by their own decision, as "modus vivendi", but at the same time, they constantly question their own existence. This is the essence of Beckett's character. 

Director: Andrés Corchero.

Performers: Javier Cárcel Hidalgo-Saavedra, Ferrán Echegaray, Jordi Font, Carlos Gallardo and Anna Vendrell. 

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