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A performative exploration around Memory, Forgetfulness and Genocide

The project has received a Research, Creation, and Thought Award from the Theatre Institute of Barcelona 2023

NO DUERME NADIE is a multidisciplinary performance that blends theater, dance, and visual arts. It explores the depths of historical trauma and memory. The performance artistically portrays a recurring nightmare born of collective amnesia - a disremembering that leads humanity into repetitive cycles of trauma, violence, anger, suffering, war, and victimhood.


The performance departs from the themes of historical memory and socio-political forgetting in Spain, emphasizing the "Pact of Forgetting" of 1977. This pact was a political decision made by both left and right-wing parties in Spain, aimed at avoiding a confrontation with the legacy of Francoism after the dictator died in 1975. The primary goal of the "Pact of Forgetting" was to move beyond the Spanish Civil War and the repression and crimes that occurred during the dictatorship, focusing instead on the democratic future of the country under the motto of "FORGIVE AND FORGET."

The driving force behind NO DUERME NADIE are questions such as: How long does it take for these corpses to become romanticized? How long does it take for these bones to become mere objects? How long does it take for them to become “just history”? Consequently, the intentional manipulation of performative time stands as a crucial aspect of the presentation. The act of arresting time, coercing its flow, and purposefully slowing it down serves not just as an artistic or creative tool, but also as a method to underscore "time" as the central theme of the piece. This involves a nuanced exploration of the flow and dynamics of time, delving into the intricate relationship between time and memory.

The performance uses a series of interconnected vignettes to investigate the processes of absence, violent repression, war, the military caste, and the nightmare of forgetting our history. It delves into reenacting the same historically violent processes over and over again under different flags or purposes.

Director and Dramaturgy: Javier Cárcel Hidalgo-Saavedra.

Performers: Javier Cárcel Hidalgo-Saavedra, Dongbin Lee, Rebecca Green, Erko Sild, Edgar Vuns, Karl Birnbaum.

Video Artist, Scenographer, and Costume Designer: Anita Kremm.

Light Designer: Priidu Adlas.

Music Composition and Arrangements: Raquel Molano Aylagas and Karl Birnbaum.

Support to movement: Rob Hayden.

With the support of : The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, JAIK  (Von Krahl Theatre), and the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.  

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