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The word "celebration" comes from the Latin "celebratio" and means "action and effect of organizing or participating in a solemn act or a party".

This workshop focuses on practical work on singing and voice. Participants will work on the potential of singing as a tool for the integration of the body and the voice and the exploration of action and presence.

Through work sessions on songs, participants will discover a spontaneous individual and collective flow of impulses, actions, and reactions. They will study how to articulate it in a precise, organic, and believable behavior. This specific approach to the voice explores singing through its artistic elements such as melody, rhythm, tuning, silence, and vibration qualities, to discover its potential impact on presence and perception and explore the possibilities of living and transformative action.

On the other hand, the participants will work on a collective physical training structure. Participants will focus on awakening the hidden life of the body, and the immediacy of organic actions and reactions through sequences of dynamic games structured in space. while they develop the ability to listen and keep vigilance.

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